With a passionate Australian creator and designer behind it, W.D Fragrance was created from a love of candles, different scents, and nice fragrances, along with the desire to bring back the simplicity in life.

Understanding that luxury doesn’t need to cost the earth, and that a candle scent can transform a space and your mood instantly, W.D Fragrance offers a unique range of affordable hand-poured candles designed to do just that. The product range is fully Australian-owned and made, and reusable once thoroughly cleaned.

Each of the bespoke candle scents are inspired by masculinity, with a feminine touch, and bring together a magical mix of fragrances that inspire relaxation and enjoyment in your environment. Your senses will be fully engaged with their wonderfully-crafted scents.

Australian Made

Australian-made and owned using quality materials

Affordable Luxury

Curated to enhance any space and lift any mood.

Eco Friendly

Our quality jars are reusable once thoroughly cleaned